Dr. Love Valentine

I have been working on finishing up Tyson’s Valentines for this year and thought I would share with you all.  Obviously, we went with the Doctor theme!  These were super easy to pull off!  To make the lab coat I just snagged one of my husband’s old white dress shirts that he was already going to be throwing away.  I cut off the sleeves and took in the sides and then reattached the sleeves again and that’s it!!  So easy!  For the scrubs, I used a super old sheet and just made some pajama pants for the bottoms and then I self-drafted a shirt by using an old shirt as a template for the top.  Easy!  For the backdrop, I grabbed a throw blanket we had lying around and attached some hearts I cut out of feeling.  I didn’t have to tape them or pin them or anything.  They just stuck to the blanket!  I will be printing these in wallet size to go along with the “prescription”.

I wanted to get those mini m&m’s that come in the little tube-like container with the lid that pops off but I couldn’t find them so I went with pink colored tic tacs instead.  I think they still look like pills so it works   I made a little prescription label and just taped it on to the tic tacs and that’s it!  DONE!

Just a fun Valentine idea I thought I would share