Project Run and Play Week 4!

I’m still having a hard time believing I have made it to week 4 of Project Run & Play!  I never dreamed that being so new and basically a nobody to the sewing blog world I would still be around but I am so grateful for this amazing experience.  This has absolutely been a blast and I feel like I have learned so much about myself and even made some sewing friends along the way!  When I thought about my signature look I thought about what I want people to think of when they hear “Lexi Made.”  In my designs, I hope to portray classy yet fun and youthful pieces that can be layered or work individually.  I want my designs to be wearable and age appropriate but still, have lots of styles.  I like to add interest to simple designs by mixing fabrics and textures.  For this week I stuck with my goal of creating a fall wardrobe for my girls.

I decided to make two different dresses out of stretch denim that coordinates with one another.  To make the dresses I started off using the Sunki pattern from Figgy’s patterns.  I used it as a base for the bodice of the dress.  I shortened the required zipper length by 4 inches and also took in the sides of the dress by 1 inch as well as the sleeves for a little more fitted look.  I also fully lined the bodice and then cut the dress at the bottom of the zipper to add my own self-drafted skirt to the bodice.  I made one of the dresses without the sleeves and then added a mesh/tulle fabric to make a flowy skirt.  For a little-added detail, I put a button on each shoulder and used a cream knit for the sides of the bodice.  For the dress with sleeves, I added a button detail to coordinate with the shoulders of the sleeveless dress.  I also added the mesh/tulle underneath the denim skirt to tie in both dresses.

To make the cape I knew I wanted to design something that was a little more fitted and feel like a mix of a poncho, cape, and coat in one.  It took me forever to get the fit just right for this cape.  I’m sure you more experienced seamstresses would have figured it out in minutes but it took me a while to get it right.  I’m glad I didn’t call it quits because I love the way it turned out.  For a little detail on the cape, I topstitched all the seams as well as a band along the bottom.  I added 6 buttons to the front to coordinate with the 6 buttons on the dress with sleeves.  To make the armholes I basically made welt pockets without the pocket bag.  I fully lined the cape with a fun polka dot knit that I thought worked well with the cream wool.  I decided to do a snap closure to make it easy to put on and off.  To complete the look I decided to crochet a circle scarf with some yarn that matches the lining of the cape perfectly.  I used the free chunky circle scarf pattern by People Webs.  I changed it slightly by using a size 10.5 hook instead of 10 and only crocheting the first four rows one time instead of three times.

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season here in Utah!  The leaves have just started to change color.  Since I grew up in California I never really had an appreciation for the seasons until I moved out here almost two years ago.  Such a beautiful time of year!

It can’t be fall without having a little fun with the pretty leaves

I received a few requests for the jacket pattern I made last week for my plaid look so I scanned it to my computer and uploaded it to google docs.  You can find the pattern HERE.  I couldn’t figure out how to scan multiple pages into just one document on my printer so I’m sorry you will have to print each page individually.  Luckily it’s only four pages.  Please don’t judge my professionalism with this pattern!  Its just hand drew on some paper.  One day I would love to learn how to grade patterns I have made.  That is one of my new goals.  The pattern is only for the size jacket I made my daughters.  They are currently in a size 2t and some 3t.  I would say the pattern is a large 2t.  Please keep in mind I used a fabric with a little stretch in it to make this jacket.  I will try to write up a tutorial to go along with the pattern pieces over the next few weeks.  I think it is pretty easy to figure out though just by looking at a picture of the jacket once you have the pattern pieces.

Thank you again to everyone that has voted for me and who have left such encouraging and kind comments on my blog.  I really appreciate it!  I’m kind of sad to say goodbye to everyone.  I hope you still visit me every once in a while

Stretch denim for dresses – Michael Levine

Cream wool – Joann’s

Lining under the tulle – Joann’s

Tulle – LA Fabric district (I don’t remember the name of the shop)

Polka dot knit for cape lining – Girl Charlee

Knit for side panels of sleeveless dress – Michael Levine

Buttons – Joann’s

Zippers – FIDM

Yarn – ICE Yarns

Shoes – Joyfolie