Willow and Co – Glamping Collection

Today I have the privilege of sharing with you some items I have made from the Glamping collection by Willow and Co!  This collection is SO wonderful!! I had such a hard time picking out the patterns I wanted to sew for this tour.  I have plans and ideas to make every single pattern in this collection.  If you haven’t seen it yet head on over to their website HERE and make sure you take a look at the lookbook for some amazing inspiration!  I had some high hopes to make my son a coordinating outfit as well but time and weather were just not on my side.

For my daughter Layla I decided to make her the Clover shorts by Mouse House Creations and the Fawn Lily Tunic by Rock the Stitch.  I used a lightweight stretch denim for the shorts and added a little ruffle trim at the cuff.  For the tunic, I used a chiffon for the skirt portion and a cotton lawn with a stretchy mesh/lace type overlay.  I wanted the top to be flowy so the chiffon worked out perfectly.  I love the way both pieces came together and sewing each item was such a breeze.  Both had very clear instructions and lots of pictures to go with them.

For my daughter Kira I wanted to make the Ash Jumpsuit by Petit A Petit And family.  The second I saw this pattern I knew I wanted to make it in a floral fabric but didn’t have any in a woven like the pattern calls for.  I couldn’t stop thinking about this knit floral I had from Girl Charlee so I just decided to go ahead and give the pattern a try in a knit and it came together beautifully. I absolutely love it in knit.  I did make it one size smaller than I would have if it were in a woven and I also tapered the legs at the ankles a little for a different look for this one.  I wanted the jumpsuit to have a little bit of a cropped ankle feel.  I also changed the neckline to make things a little easier to sew since the knit is pretty thin.  I simply chopped off the neck at the top and then added the braided straps forties.  I am in love with this pattern and all the options that are included with it.  I have many more ideas I would like to try with this pattern too!  The instructions are clear and easy to understand and the illustrations that go along with them are perfect.

The photo shoot for this post did not go as smoothly as I had hoped as you can tell by the picture above!  I had plans of making two Aster Cardigans by LBG Studio to go along with their outfits but this crazy Utah weather decided it had different plans for me.  I had to hurry and gather the kids as soon as they woke up from their nap and take pictures in the windy and cold weather before we got all wet and it started to rain.  I did finish one of my cardigans though after I took these photos.  You can see it in the very first photo of this post.  I made it with a cream colored knit and used a cream lace as an overlay.  I skipped the collar on this one just because I didn’t want it to be too bulky from the two layers I already used for the sweater.  I love the way it turned out though!  The other cardigan I will be making is a mint and cream striped knit with a cream collar.  I think it will coordinate perfectly with these outfits.

Luckily our photo shoot turned around and the girls found their first pet…a roly-poly!!  They named him “Froggie” and would not let go of him the rest of the night!

As you can see my girls love their new roly-poly!  I just love this age and watching them explore and discover new things around them.  I also love these outfits because they are perfect for play and still fun and stylish at the same time!

Be sure you check out all of the other bloggers on the tour for more inspiration and ways you can create different looks from this collection.  I am amazed at the talent of all of these designers and bloggers.  I am so impressed with this collection.  You definitely need to check it out!


There is also a giveaway for a free pattern and fabric used from the lookbook over at the Willow and Co blog so be sure to enter!